Go From Startup to Success Story

You can have the best product in the world, but if you don’t market it, no one’s going to buy it.  Tap into founder Mary Sheehan’s 10 years of product marketing experience and 100+ product launches for some of the world’s best companies.

How Launch-Ready Are You?

What I Do

Think of me as your personal product marketing crack team of one. Whether you do not have a product marketing team, or need some extra hands on deck, I can help. The deliverables I’m offering are strategic, and meant to be used at your company long after our contract ends. Therefore to get the best results, I strive for a highly collaborative process with your team.

This process has been tried and tested in my work at AdRoll, Google, and now with clients in over 100 product launches and dozens of projects. Here are some of the ways I can help your business:

Rapid Messaging Workshop 

You have all your product messaging in your head, but you need it to come to life on your website and other assets. I’ve developed a method to align your core messaging and unique selling points for your business – in as quick as a one week turnaround.

How it works: I’ll survey up to 5 team members to understand why your company is unique. Based on their feedback, I’ll create a core messaging document which will include a positioning statement, key benefit pillars, and reasons to believe. We’ll stress test this in a live or virtual 90 minute meeting with up to 5 participants from your team. From there, we can create messaging for your website and other marketing assets.

Product Launch In-a-Box

Never run a product launch before? No problem. Let me set the strategy, keep your product and marketing teams on track, and execute on clear deliverables.

How it works: 8-10 weeks out, we’ll create a “go-to-market” plan with key deliverables and timelines. I’ll work with your team to understand the best communication channels to keep the launch on track, and make sure it runs smoothly.

Custom Content

Upcoming presentation taking up your mindshare? Just can’t get that one sheet out the door? Let me help take some work off your plate by creating custom content.

How it works: I work with your design team or can recommend someone on my team to assist in getting your content piece delivered in the way you want it.

Competitive & Customer Research

From competitive battlecards to persona development, let me help you with any market validation that you need.

How it works: We’ll develop an ‘attack plan’ together to get you the best insights from your competitors and customers.

Here are some other ways I can help

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