A 3 Minute Ask

I have an exciting opportunity to host a workshop at SXSW this year, but since it’s all decided by voting – I need YOUR help! SXSW (south-by-southwest) is one of the biggest tech conferences in the world, and it happens every year in Austin, TX. It would be a big, huge, mega deal if I got to speak here. Voting is now open and closes August 25, so please take 2 – 3 minutes to help! ***NOTE: I’ve gotten feedback that this is much easier on desktop vs. mobile, so if you can take the time to vote – desktop works much better! #technology 

Why help me? 

  • You like me
  • You get to watch me in a dorky video (see below)
  • My messaging workshop will be really helpful for entrepreneurs

How to help 

  • PLEASE VOTE! In order to vote please follow these steps on your desktop:
    1. Create an account (approx 1 min)
    2. Go to this link and UpVote in the upper left hand corner (30 seconds) …pssst this is where you can see my video
    3. BONUS: Leave a comment at the bottom by signing in to Facebook or Twitter
  • SHARE! 
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